1. You read all information for the event, agree to it and you are ready to pay the registration Fee.

  2. THERE IS A $40 MISSOURI STATE ATHLETIC COMMISSION LICENSE FEE DUE AT WEIGH-INS. THIS ONE-TIME FEE IS GOOD FOR 2 YEARS IN THE STATE OF MISSOURI. (If you already have a current Missouri fighter license then you will not need to pay this)

  3. Headgear and Shinguards are required for all tournament brackets!

  4. Note:  Your Registration will not be listed if there is no proof of payment

  5. Note: You can get your exam by our doctors at the event.  The fee is $50.00- The Exam will be good for one year in IKF Events. Or use this link to have your DR. completed (cannot be done by a Chiropractor or Nurse Practioner.) NOTE: Blood Test is NOT needed)

  6. Trainers – Be sure to list your trainer’s name…not the gym name within the form. Everyone needs a trainer for this event. Trainers do not register more than one fighter in each division.

  7. Trainers - There is a $30 Fee Required by the state athletic commission (unless you already have a Missouri corner License) and a separate $30 Fee from the IKF (total of $60) To corner. This is a one-time charge, it is not required for every fighter who registers... 

  8. Thanks for following these simple guidelines…we appreciate your support!  

  9. How will you know when you are Registered? After filling out the electronic form, and making your payment – You will receive an email (check spam) will also be taken to a Thank you page after completing it. If you do not receive a receipt and, or do not see your name listed in the brackets within 48 hours … Please do not hesitate to contact us at (618)830-4539

  10. Open Any Division – Weight and, or Rule Style in the first 30+ Days of Registration – We will announce when this opportunity is no longer available

  11. The division will be Condensed as the event nears – We are currently building divisions –  divisions that have no fighters will be deleted in and around March 1st

  12. Make the Weight You sign up for!

  13. There are no refunds for this event…please know this before registering- We will offer a limited-time credit for another one of our events. thanks – Please Note – Credits do not apply to you dropping out of the event without a valid reason – Confirmation of Serious injury, illness etc. may be accepted.  However, we cannot be involved with other personal matters that may affect your entry into the tournament.  Thanks in advance for your understanding.

  14. Byes – The First Person to Open a division will receive a Bye in the event there are only 3 fighters in your divisions.

  15. Time and Date of your fight: Whether you have one or two fights for the tournament – both of them will take place in the same time frame for each show- For Example –  if you are set to fight on Friday Night between 7:PM and 11PM+ – Both of your fights will happen on that evening.  This will be the case for the entire tournament and you will know weeks in advance when your division will fight- You will be able to then make more accurate travel plans and tell your family and friends when to attend etc.

  16. See Your Fight on PPV – All of the fights for the entire tournament will be shown on our www.AKPLive.com Network!  Tell Your Friends and Family to plan to watch your fight!  There will be live commentary and tons of interviews too!

What Experience Level Should I Fight In?  


  • EXAMPLE: An Honest Trainer needs to ask themselves this question “Is my fighter good enough (regardless of their record) to fight against a fighter with 11-20 Full Contact Fights which will put them in B Class whether they have 11+ fights or not?” (this is only an example)

Note: You Can Fight Up but not down in regard to your fight record – whether semi-contact experience or full contact.

  • SEMI CONTACT: We do not count Semi Contact Bouts (PKB, PBSC etc) as real fights! However, the trainer should consider the experience of their fighter and place them in the correct experienced class…regardless of their full contact record -based on the aforementioned statement above. For example: if your fighter has over 10 PKB Fights, ideally, they should go in C-Class Open Division at minimum – See more below. Sand Bagging will be taken seriously.

  • A, B, C Classes:  We are in the process of implementing A, B, C Classes to try and create safer competition for everyone. This is not done in all divisions at this time…only where we feel it is needed and, or requested. More to come in this development as we want to make sure we keep our event safe, quaint, and with limited fighters. Note: If you have proven experience and skills and not an official record, you still may be able to fight in a higher class but must be approved.

Classes to Register: If you have the experience level (not necessarily fights) to compete in the divisions below.  Proof may be requested.

A- Class OPEN – 21 Fights and Up – Belt

B- Class OPEN – 11-19 Fights – Belt

C- Class OPEN – 4- 10 Fights – Cup

NOVICE – Under 3 Fights – CUP AWARD –   If your next fight is your 4th – You will need to go into C-Class OPEN or above.  There will be an option to merge into another similar Class Division if you do not have an opponent as the tournament nears.



AWARDS FOR C & Novice Class

Untitled design (73).png
Untitled design (74).png

All competitors will receive a Medal and other awards!

Fighter Registration Deadline- Subject to change based on the pace of registrations

  1. November 11-25 $60 + $5 Card Fee

  2. November 26 - December 9 - $70 +$5 Card Fee

  3. December 10 - 23 - $80 + $5 Card Fee

  4. December 24 - January 13 - $90 + $5 Card Fee

  5. January 14 - 27 - $100 + $5 Card Fee

  6. January 28- February 10 - $110 + $5 Card Fee

  7. February 11-February 24 - $120 + $5 Card Fee

  8. February 25 - March 10 - $130 + $5 Card Fee

  9. March 11 - April 7 - $140 +5 Card Fee

  10. April 8 - April 29 - $150 +5 Card Fee

  11. LAST CHANCE April 30 - May 5 - $160 + $5 Card Fee

Trainer Registration is $30 + $5 Card fee AND Have to Register With State Commission (unless you already have a Missouri License) at Weigh-ins for $30 (Missouri License is good for 2 years)

Maximum 4 fighters in each Division!

No Two Fighters from same Club in the same Division!

However, they can be in a different rule style in the same weight class.

Matching Notice:

We reserve the right to match bouts within catch-weights, age limits and safety guidelines etc. for this tournament with the consent of both team’s trainers etc.

Note: When the final matching process starts… trainers/fighters in single divisions with no opponent will have the option to move to another division ( rule style or weight class) if desired and they feel secure in doing so from a safety / undocumented – experience perspective. AKP maintains final say on all matches.

The Renaissance Airport Hotel is the Mandatory Host Hotel Stay for all Fighters and  Trainers for the IKF Midwest Classic. It is also where the fights are held!

Fighters and Trainers – Avoid the $60 Non-Stay fee if you live more than 60 miles from Host Hotel. Thanks



All fighters will need to show proof of a full exam (NOTE: Has to be the Missouri Exam Form (Link below) at weigh-in completed within the last year - or get one from our doctors at the event on Thursday Afternoon or Friday morning May 10th and 11th. The fee is $55- Thanks PS the exam will be good for one calendar year with IKF.


Has to be performed by a physician. No Nurse Practitioners or Chiropractors

For the Medical Form to take to your physician -Click Here


All fighters must have a trainer registered for this event.  If you do not have a trainer, you will need to get one that is registered and, or contact us to see if there is one available for you.   You will be responsible for paying the Assistant Trainer Fee.  Best to list and pay for your trainer when you register so it will not be an issue. The trainer fee will increase as the event nears.


All Gear Needed for this event will be on sale at the event by Mr. Shane Walker

Mandatory –  No MMA Shorts or compression shorts only- Compression shorts may be under Muay Thai Style Shorts

  • Approved Headgear

  • Mouth Piece

  • Groin Cup and Protector Strap

  • Shinguards – Cloth for shin and instep- No Metal buckles

  • Handwraps – Cloth or Gauze

  • Gloves will be provided by Promotions (10oz and 12oz.)

  • More on Gear –  Click Here

See Weight Classes- First!


You must make the weight class that you register for…thanks

Choose One of these Four Rule Styles

  • International Low Kick Kickboxing –  Click Here

  • Unified / Kickboxing  (Limited Clinch), Click Here

  • Modified Muay Thai (No Elbows)- Click Here

  • Full Rule Muay Thai ( With Elbows) (18 yrs. old and above as of 8/11/20)- Click Here




We will also have PPV Live Streaming on www.AKPLIVE.com

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